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Concierge Live: the most comprehensive ticket management solution available.

We take ticket automation, efficiency, customization, and evaluation to a new level.

Concierge Live provides a comprehensive and industry-leading corporate ticket management system that helps companies better manage and understand their ticket inventory for sports and entertainment events. Our goal is to elevate your understanding of who is using your tickets, why they are using them, and the impact they have on your business.

CL-Team Planning

Our team works hard to ensure our software meets your ticket management needs.


We utilize the latest technology constructed by a selection of the best developers in the country to offer clients a unique approach to ticket management through our hosted and managed system (Software as a Service), so there is no installation or maintenance required from the client perspective.


Hands-On Experience in the Industry

The inside advantage of Concierge Live is that we were founded and created by accomplished and experienced industry experts who have managed tickets for one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

With decades of combined experience in event marketing and management, we live and breathe ticket management.

With decades of combined experience in event marketing and management, we live and breathe ticket management.

Currently, our software manages millions of tickets for hundreds of businesses worldwide including Fortune 1000 companies like UPS, Dow Chemical, United Healthcare, and Thomson Reuters as well as many small to mid-sized companies that utilize tickets to their local music venues or sporting events.

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Unbiased Approach

In order to attend events where company inventory is not available, it is necessary to obtain tickets from external sources. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Our solution streamlines this process and promotes competition amongst vendors. This allows you to efficiently obtain tickets at the best price. In order to achieve this, it is a necessity to have an unbiased approach. This is why we do not own tickets as doing so would represent a conflict of interest. Our process is completely open where you have direct access to the various ticket marketplaces, and you decide which tickets you want. Competition and good vendor relationships allow you to get the best prices and the best locations.

Innovation Is Part Of Our Culture

Ticket management can be a tough problem to solve. There are many opportunities to overcomplicate problems. In order to provide solutions that are simple and effective, it requires some innovation. That is why innovation is a very important part of our culture as research and development are incorporated into our work schedule. We believe this creates an environment that attracts creative and talented individuals. As a result, we have created groundbreaking technologies, both open source and proprietary, allowing us to achieve efficiencies thought to be previously impossible. We have a number of ideas in the queue and are excited to release them and pass the benefits on to you.

Technology Leaders

Our engineering team is actively involved in the open source community. We are always looking for ways to contribute and give back to the community. As a result, many of the technologies we have created and shared have become the choice of thousands of programmers around the world.

As a result of our open source contributions, members of our team have been invited to present at various conferences and technology groups around the world including those at MIT, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon.

Simplicity is Our Focus

Corporate software has the reputation of being complicated, bloated with features, and unintuitive. We believe simple and carefully crafted products are more effective. People understand and enjoy using them. Simplicity means higher quality, more stability, and more productivity. This is a key principle behind our product design and the services we offer.


Concierge Live has developed some of the most influential relationships with teams, leagues and brands worldwide.  These relationships have allowed Concierge Live to offer unmatched service which helps drive the overall success of each of our stakeholders.


Having the most comprehensive platform and unparalleled customer support is the foundation of Concierge Live.  It truly begins with integrity and how we treat and work with our customers to help them succeed. We aim to work side-by-side to tackle problems and create solutions.

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