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The only complete ticket management solution available.  See for yourself.

“Having worked with Concierge Live since 2011, I can wholeheartedly endorse them both from a platform perspective but more importantly as a fantastic partner.  Concierge Live has made our ticket management far more productive and provides a level of transparency that is critical for any organization. They worked closely with us to understand what our needs were and made it seem like they built their product specifically for us.  Concierge Live makes it simple. Their design and layout is easy to navigate and their platform is robust and reliable. However, it is their outstanding customer service that sets them apart as they strive to be friendly, responsive and results driven.  Quite simply, they are great people who have a great product.

Nicholas de Janosi

Head of Event Marketing - Americas, Thomson Reuters

Why Concierge Live?


We are led by the most experienced individuals in the ticket management software industry. Our founders built the first complete ticket management solution for brands, teams, and leagues, and we continue to drive innovation with marketing and branding capabilities that will maximize the ROI of your ticketing assets.

Trust and Integrity

Trusted by leagues, teams and brands worldwide. Relied on by Fortune 500 firms. Depended on by leaders in every industry from logistics to air travel.


We have powerful marketing and ticket life cycle automation features that no other platform has. We are also the only solution allowing you to manage tickets on both a group and individual basis so you have full control over every single ticket.

The Only Complete Ticket Inventory Solution

Compare us side-by-side with any other platform and we win every time.