Be efficient. Be informed. Be compliant. A better way to manage company tickets. See what your software and services can do for you.
Be efficient. Managing tickets is a time consuming task that can take away from other core responsibilities. With our software and services you can simplify and streamline how your company manages tickets. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and emails, ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency.
Be informed. We believe information is the key to a successful ticket management program. Our software & services allow you to capture detailed information about each ticket., and through our reporting system you can make sense of this information with user friendly charts and graphs.
Be compliant. With today’s economy there is a lot of scrutiny around corporate entertainment. There are many laws, regulations, and rules on how companies can entertain. Our software and services help you mitigate this risk by acheiving compliance and justifing your entertainment expenses.
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Ticket Management Software

Our web based ticket management software provides a simple way to manage your company's tickets. It centralizes, automates, and streamlines your ticket management program, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual processes. Because it's web-based, your employees can place ticket requests right from their computer, reducing emails and phone calls. It captures detailed information about your tickets and who's using them. To help you make sense of this information, included is a comprehensive reporting system, giving you the tools you need to make informed decisions around your tickets and achieve compliance with the various entertainment laws and requirements.

Graphical & Interactive Analytics

Our real time analytics system gives you rich insights into how your company is using its tickets. Built to be simple and intuitive, it allows you to see data around your tickets in a way you've never seen before. Because it's interactive, you can easily obtain the information you need. If the information peaks your interest, save it, and it'll automatically be emailed to you on a schedule. Instead of overloading you with tables and data, our analytics system is fun, simple, and most importantly, effective.

Created From Experience

We believe the best solutions come from those solving their own problems, which is why our company was founded by individuals who were once responsible for managing tickets at one of the largest companies in the world. Initially, they faced the same problems many companies face when managing tickets manually. It was inefficient, error prone, non-compliant, and lacked information. They solved this problem by formalizing a corporate ticket management program and streamlining the process through web based software. Employees were now able to request tickets right from their computer, and the software enforced capturing necessary information around how they were using the tickets. As a result of their program's success, they have been responsible for implementing other company ticket management programs. Our team has faced the same problems you are facing, and used our solution on a daily bases. We want to share our solution with you.

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