Understanding Ticket Utilization For Corporate Ticket Management

Nov 16, 2017by lbert

Corporate Ticket Utilization


How do you achieve superior Corporate Ticket Management?”

“What is considered excellent ticket utilization?”

“How does our ticket usage compare to other companies you support?”

“Do you have industry guidelines for what you consider excellent ticket usage?”

“How do other companies set goals for ticket usage?”



Our client services experts often receive questions like those above from our clients each quarter. Many companies are constantly trying to reach a high level of ticket usage or define what their goals are for ticket usage. We can help you evaluate your current ticket usage and provide our opinions on what your ticket usage currently is for your company.

Concierge Live was built with the customer in mind.  One platform.


Corporate Ticket Evaluation

When asked to assist with evaluation for a client, we often first look at the percentage of tickets used based on the events you determine are most important for

the contract you have with a particular venue or program. For example, a client has an agreement with a baseball team. That client will need to look at the games to determine which ones make their contract “worth it”. We would take out the rest of the games and then determine the percentage of ticket usage. If ticket usage exceeds 85%, then we consider it to be at an excellent level.

There are several other methods of evaluation that your client services manager can assist with, and we are happy to assist you in reviewing your goals  as well as data in the system. The staff can also help by giving recommendations for improvement of ticket usage or methods to recoup costs.

Given that Concierge Live is the only ticket management solution with an Experiential Marketing experience, we can help to optimize ticket utilization and significantly reduce waste.  Another method we often recommend is to use our SeatGeek integration (if allowed by your contracts) to sell events you do not believe you will be able to utilize. We also recommend allowing HR access to your inventory for certain events for employee reward recognition as well as allowing events to be sold at a reduced price to your employees for personal use. We are happy to assist brands in the evaluation process as well as giving them options to help optimize ticket utilization.

Interested in learning more about how Concierge Live can help revolutionize your company’s Ticket Management and Event Marketing for greater effectiveness and greater profit?

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