The Super Bowl Is Not Just a Game. It Is a Business.

Dec 14, 2017by matt-barudin

Although the United States as a nation is filled with people who offer varying opinions on virtually every subject, few could disagree with the statement that the Super Bowl is as American as apple pie or the 4th of July.  Such a notion has become widely accepted not only due to the sheer popularity of American football and the NFL but also becauseThe Super Bowl has grown into something much larger than just a simple game. It is now a hospitality business and a massively successful one at that.

Super Bowl LII (52) will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4th, 2018 in the brand-new U.S. Bank Stadium.  Between the endless concerts, V.I.P. parties, ceremonies, and fan celebrations across the city, there is a chance that attendees and tourists alike may forget why such events are even occurring: for the actual game.  In an article posted by Ticket News, this realization is discussed via a remarkable quote by Billboard.  “…When Dave Matthews performs his ‘The Night Before’ concert…his performance will be the culmination of a three-year plan to recast not only the Super Bowl ticket market, but also the entertainment landscape surrounding the biggest event on Earth.”  Case in point, the Super Bowl is no longer just about who wins a game between the NFL’s two best teams on a Sunday evening.  Contrarily,The Super Bowl is now labeled as an ‘experience’ taking place across an entire long weekend with events kicking off long before an actual football is kicked off.


This massive transformation has occurred in large part to the widespread growth of the hospitality industry across major sports and professional leagues. In terms of the NFL, there is no greater contribu

tor than On Location Experiences which proudly carries the designation of “official hospitality partner of the NFL” and

has placed great effort on impacting the tourism sector of Super Bowl business.  Through its numerous partnerships with the music industry’s largest promoters, travel services, and other hospitality specialists, On Location has revolutionized what it means for fans to really experience the Super Bowl on an exclusive and exciting level.  For example, the premium package for Super Bowl LII includes a ticket to the game, access to an exclusive pre-game party, weekend hotel accommodations, a primetime concert ticket, and private transportation during the entire experience.


“This is an opportunity for music fans to get a taste of the incredible entertainment options that On Location Experiences is showcasing during Super Bowl weekend.”

— John Collins, CEO of On Location


Fans seem to agree with Collins as sales for On Location events, including the game itself, during Super Bowl LII weekend are expected to surpass 100,000 tickets with prices ranging from less than $100 to over $13,000.

What has the Super Bowl’s transformation into a lucrative hospitality business shown us?  The future of the ticketing industry and other professional sports and entertainment organizations will likely bring about a similar transition and impact not only the way consumers search for and purchase tickets to their favorite events but also how they experience them.

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