Mobile Tickets Are Taking Over. How Soon? The Answer May Surprise You…

Nov 14, 2017by admin

In the sports and event ticketing world, experts have long known that e-tickets will soon disappear as an option for ticket distribution to everyday customers and businesses. Professional sports teams, including the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC of MLS, have already begun the transition from electronic to mobile tickets.  Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the future of physical/paper tickets is now under major scrutiny as well. There is growing indication that paper tickets may soon follow e-tickets towards the exit door.

Pollstar published an article on November 6th documenting an interview with Justin Burleigh, Executive Vice President of Product at Ticketmaster, whose commentary may shock event goers as well as companies who utilize ticketed events as entertainment for prospective business opportunities. When questioned about whether physical tickets will exist in 12 months, Burleigh boldly stated that the industry is not far off from that prediction.  At second glance, however, his remark may not be as bold as we think.  He is currently spearheading Ticketmaster’s latest project, Presence.  A fully digital platform already boasting 10 million users and a fresh contract with the NFL, Presence will handle all NFL games and concerts held at NFL stadiums starting with the 2018-19 season.  Burleigh adds,” …We’ve reached a tipping point in the industry for a myriad of reasons…that narrative (no more paper tickets) syncs with the way we live our lives now which is almost entirely digital.”

From a broad perspective, Burleigh is absolutely correct, but as with any major industry change there will likely be a few bumps in the road among consumers.

It will be fascinating to see how various generations react to the elimination of paper tickets.The truth is that there will always be groups, especially those belonging to more mature generations, purposely lagging behind as they have used paper tickets for many years and simply do not want to accept newer technologies.  Burleigh’s counter to this reality? “I think now you have children of aging boomers…they’re all connecting through those digital surfaces…texting or Instagram or Facebook. They almost teach each other how to co-exist across those generational barriers.”

Here at Concierge Live, we are just as anxious to see how digital and mobile technology further tightens its grip on the ticketing industry.  Our ticket management software continues to evolve along with these exciting changes, and we will always be focused on building the most comprehensive platform possible for our current and future clients!

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