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Simplifying Your Sports & Entertainment Assets

Simplifying Your Sports & Entertainment Assets

The corporate trend is a shift to a centralized ticket model having the ability to correlate distribution to sales/revenue while also maintaining an all-in-one system customizable to the needs of an individual business. Most of our partners seek a ticket management tool for a clear-cut purpose or to solve particular issues with their current processes.

We have partners who use Concierge Live as a:

  • Client entertainment requisition tool
  • Instrument to understand the value of the attendee vs. the value of the entertainment
  • Device to address compliance concerns



Our Software is unique in the industry because we store tickets individually. 

Data Collection Process

Concierge Live captures attendee information at the “attendee” level rather than the “request” level. We are the only company that stores individual tickets in our database, allowing our clients to capture multiple attendee types on the same request. When making a request, a user can assign tickets to both a “client” attendee and a “prospect” attendee within the same request.

Data Integrity

Through Concierge Live, users and admin can choose from multiple attendee types, including client, prospect, or charity, on the same request.  You can then capture the “estimated revenue opportunity” of $1 million for one prospect attendee and $250,000 for another. At the same time, by capturing information at the attendee level, users assign attendee types to each attendee rather than classifying the whole request. This process saves significant time and provides cleaner data to utilize for reporting purposes following an event.



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  • manage ticketing
  • PROMOTE events
  • maximize inventory

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Solutions To Every Problem

The value of concierge Live is simple. Each company uniquely defines how they want to use our software. Below are a few of the use cases for how our clients leverage Concierge Live:

Traditional Ticket Management

Admin control when, how and who can request their tickets. Reporting is used to determine ticket usage and company value.

Secondary Purchasing

Companies without significant “company” inventory; however, they want a formalized process for secondary requests. Clients can capture and report on attendee data to understand who, where and how much they spend on external ticket requests.

Engagement Marketing

Our clients optimize their ticket inventory by utilizing our unique tool. While most brands have 30-40% waste when it comes to ticket assets, using Concierge Live can reduce this figure significantly, and in some cases bring it to zero. Whether opening up inventory for employee engagement programs or externally to customers as a show of goodwill, there are a number of use cases that will reduce unused inventory significantly and driving more ROI, TRUE ROI.

Hospitality Events

Admin create ticketed and non-ticketed (i.e. golf outings, museum receptions, charitable tables, etc.) inventory. In addition to traditional ticket management needs, these clients rely heavily on Concierge Live’s onsite and attendee management functions.

Employee Personal Use

Entertainment assets can be available to employees to purchase for personal use. When the employee makes a request, it can be “auto-assigned” and when available, electronic tickets can be automatically sent to the requestor.