Engagement Marketing

Maximizing Your Entertainment Assets

Create more visibility while activating your target audiences:

Employees. Customers. Vendors. Prospects.

Concierge Live’s one-of-a-kind engagement marketing feature allows clients to earn TRUE ROI by maximizing ticket usage while allowing external customers and prospects to utilize tickets and eliminate waste. Why let valuable tickets go unused when you could achieve 100% utilization instead?


With the help of our custom landing page builder, you can craft any communication directed at multiple audiences. Do you still have 100 available tickets to the local hockey game next week? No problem! Let a unique landing page do the heavy lifting for you ahead of an event.

Maximize Your Entertainment Assets

Increase Visibility

Maximizing brand awareness and creating opportunities to engage your audience.

Create Unique Engagements

Sponsors need to be innovative to deliver their message.  Utilizing assets you already have to maximize your exposure is the answer.

Activate Your Target Audience

The amount of tickets is not relevant as you can activate a much larger audience and capture demand with just a small number of tickets.

Capture Data

Understanding your customer, prospect and even your employees is critical in driving ROI.  At Concierge Live, we capture the data that allows you to go deeper into those relationships.

Eliminate Waste While Driving ROI

Concierge Live is the only ticket management solution that brands can activate their external audiences.  Whether trying to add customer loyalty programs reaching out to vendors and suppliers or simply lead generation, we can help drive these unique engagements.

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