Concierge Live’s corporate ticket and event management software allow clients to track, manage, and report on their tickets with ease. We take ticket automation, efficiency, customization, and evaluation to a whole new level.

In the corporate ticket management space, all vendors use the same terms and say they have the same features. However, the way each tool works is very different and in a 60-minute overview, it is difficult to understand the differences.

For this reason, we encourage prospective clients to conduct a demo with real-life ticket scenarios. This process allows you to see up close Concierge Live’s capabilities and easy-to-use interface that are trusted by businesses worldwide.

What Sets Us Apart

Below are some of the key differentiators of Concierge Live:

Individual Tickets

Concierge Live is the only system that stores tickets individually. Why does this matter? In the world of ticket management, this critical success factor drives flexibility and productivity while allowing our clients to configure tickets and have complete control over their inventories.

Data Collection and Reporting

Concierge Live captures attendee information at the attendee level rather than the request level to maximize data integrity and accuracy. Through the use of attendee types, every single ticket holder can be classified and documented for reporting purposes. Our clients can then create and analyze customized reports to learn from and enhance their ticket management processes.

On-site Features

There is so much more to Concierge Live than just ticket management! From briefing books to evites to on-site check-in at your events, our platform is here to make your event planning and implementation processes simpler and more efficient

Automation and Productivity

At Concierge Live, we strive to keep automation top of mind, and make it our mission to continue to build our platform around this concept. We understand your bottom line is crucial to achieving organizational success. Our platform helps to reduce the time and other resources it takes to effectively manage ticket inventories, so you can focus on other important matters

Engagement Marketing Feature

Concierge Live has developed an innovative way for our clients to manage tickets and minimize waste all at the same time. With the help of our engagement marketing feature, clients can create branded landing pages to invite employees, prospects, and clients to any event, anytime, anywhere.