Client Spotlight Series: Volume One – Sport Dimensions

Our very first client spotlight is Sport Dimensions, a sports marketing and activation agency based out of Englewood, Colorado. Austin Schneider, Marketing Manager at Sport Dimensions, took the time to sit down with us and dive in to what ticket management means to the agency.

Austin began by providing more detail into the mission of Sport Dimensions and how the agency adds value to its clients. Since 1995, Sport Dimensions has quietly risen to prominence while uniquely remaining independent and tight-knit to promote optimal decision making and client relationships. The agency’s recognition of the importance of sponsorships in NASCAR and Formula 1 led to its pursuit of a variety of opportunities to work with major brands that have long been involved with motorsports. Austin confidently explained, “Bottom line, we aim to look out for the brands we partner with. We want them to find success.”

In regard to how Sport Dimensions acquires and utilizes its ticketing assets for clients, Austin noted how complex ticket management becomes during the NASCAR and Formula 1 seasons simply due to the vast number of events that surround these two series. “In NASCAR alone, there are 36 event weekends during a season and usually three or four events occur throughout each of those weekends. All of a sudden, one ‘asset class’ transforms into over 200 unique events with their own types of tickets, suite levels, parking, and access capabilities.”

Over the last 15 years, Sport Dimensions has transitioned from a largely manual ticket management process in working through these events to embracing evolving technologies in the ticketing space. “Although we switched to a technologically-based ticketing system, the rigidness of that initial platform actually caused more work for our team. Thankfully, in late 2017, we discovered Concierge Live and immediately knew we had found the perfect platform for our needs.” Austin pointed to Concierge Live’s flexibility to list out every venue and seat location as a vital support mechanism for the agency. He also highlighted the convenience and importance of the platform’s report builder. “The biggest change in the sponsorship world that we have seen is the intensity and need to be able to show the business return for what our clients are doing. Concierge Live helps us fulfill this vital requirement.”

Our next question for Austin revolved around the absolute key events in motorsports that he and his team circles on their calendar every year. His answer was split between the expected and unexpected. “Two of our big ones certainly have to be the Indianapolis 500 as part of the IndyCar series and NASCAR’s Daytona 500. However, the last couple of years have seen the North American Formula 1 races, especially the Montreal Grand Prix because there are limited opportunities to go which has led to a lot of requests from our clients.”

Sport Dimensions also focuses on opportunities outside of motorsports as its involvement with MLB’s Houston Astros has skyrocketed since the team’s World Series victory last season. The agency is no stranger to the NHL either as the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs are just two of the teams it partners with in order to fulfill client requests. “The Las Vegas and Kentucky NASCAR races held every year are a big deal for us too because our clients are title sponsors for both events. We have significant access on the client services side which is always a positive for the agency.”

Through our years of experience in partnering with agencies, we have consistently found that every partner carries unique policies revolving around the needs of their employees and clients. Sport Dimensions has so far followed a similar path since joining the Concierge Live family. Austin added, “The ease of uploading tickets into Concierge Live has definitely been the number one time-saver for us. We love being able to simply click on a venue in our account and select the seats we have in real time. It has been such a relief to not have to manually organize tickets through a wacky spreadsheet.”

Sport Dimensions also expressed a priority need early on to work in a ticket management platform that contained a user-friendly shipping integration with UPS. “With the help of Concierge Live, our communication with clients is smoother and more efficient because now they can tell us exactly where they need tickets to be shipped by accessing the platform themselves. Our clients are much happier because we no longer have to track them down to figure out shipping addresses and other logistics.”

Sport Dimensions’ impressive client portfolio involves its team working on over 100 events every year. The agency’s event management success inspired this final question for Austin: what is your favorite memory from an event that the agency has worked on over the years? Austin provided us with an interesting reflection on how it feels for the agency to overcome the challenge of managing so many events for its clients. “I think the best moments come from successfully activating campaigns for our clients when the initial work from behind the scenes seemed insurmountable at first. A great example actually occurred this past March at the Las Vegas NASCAR race when 16 of us at the agency had to manage an incredible amount of activities going on over the course of one weekend. Our preparations began many months prior to showtime and the pressure we felt was enormous. In the end, we delivered for our client and hundreds of VIPs while under the spotlight which was a really cool and rewarding experience.

Through our entire conversation with Austin, we were able to learn more about how his team has enjoyed great success over the years in helping brands activate sports marketing campaigns all across North America. Sport Dimensions is a perfect example of an agency that relies on the sports and entertainment industry to grow not only its list of noteworthy clients but also its current clients’ brand awareness and reputation among consumers. Ticket management is one of the most important facets of agency-client relationships, and we are thrilled to be an ongoing source of support for Austin and Sport Dimensions!

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