Client Spotlight Series: Volume Two – Citrix

Our next Client Spotlight features the software company, Citrix. We had the opportunity to sit down with Azra Burden who is the sponsorship program manager and has been with the company for over a decade. Citrix has become increasingly involved in driving sponsorships with well-known sports franchises, including a technology-based relationship with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. As a result, Citrix was in need of an improved method of managing ticket distribution for sporting events. One year ago, Concierge Live began supporting Citrix. Azra provided us with great insight into her role, how ticket management has changed for her team, and what the company has planned for the future.

As part of the company’s efforts to raise its profile while also supporting local teams with enabling technology, Citrix sponsors NFL, NHL, and MLB teams nearby its major offices. Azra added, “my day-to-day responsibilities mostly revolve around acting as the point of contact for the venues when it comes to the suites we own and manage throughout each season. Simply put, if someone needs tickets, then they come to me first. If there are any logistical changes that need to be made at venues, then I represent Citrix in organizing meetings and conversations, so we always remain in sync with the teams and leagues.”

Azra assists Citrix account representatives with what they need to further engage customers and develop quality business relationships. “Potential customers are not necessarily going to sign on the dotted line just because we take them to an NFL game,” Azra stated, “but taking time to interact with them in a more social setting enhances our relationships in the long run.”

Although it is quite common for our various clients to establish policies surrounding their ticket management programs, Citrix presented a unique case. Azra elaborated, “while we have always had a similar policy for employees requesting and using tickets for customer entertainment, our relationship with Concierge Live helped us more clearly define the best ways to use our suites and premium seats. We needed a system to help us track how many events an employee had attended in the past and how he or she used tickets. The plan from there was to then make informed decisions on which requests to accept or defer to later events.”

Concierge Live strives to help our clients prepare attendees to have the most valuable interactions possible at events. Azra also noted, “I frequently use the briefing book feature to provide our executive attendees with an overview of who will be joining them in our suites as well as a useful background on guests to help initiate conversations during events.”

In wrapping up our conversation with Azra, she took a few moments to reflect on how far Citrix has come with its ticket management strategies and how her team’s everyday workflow has changed for the better. “Now that we have been working with Concierge Live for a year, I am satisfied with the platform when it comes to managing ticket requests on a daily basis. Everything is now in one place and streamlined across the company.”

Our team at Concierge Live has had a fantastic first year working with Citrix, and we are so excited to jump into year two of our relationship. We look forward to helping them continue to achieve their sponsorship goals!



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