NCAA March Madness: A Digital Marketing Dream

Mar 12, 2018

Picture this: workers in offices all across the United States are distracted by something on their computers, mobile phones, and televisions. Yes, we know what you are thinking: this occurs every day. However, one annual celebration brings our obsession with technology to a whole new level. Groundhog Day? Nope. Cinco de Mayo? Try again. International Carrot Day? Not quite. The answer is the NCAA B read more

3 Ways Brands Can Capitalize on Sponsorships

Mar 5, 2018

In the sports and entertainment world, there are a multitude of relationships that exist for the purpose of strengthening the industry and making it more profitable in the long run. You would not be hard-pressed to identify many of these connections which can include contractual agreements between professional athletes, their agents, and interested teams, as well as media rights between leagues an read more

Concierge Live’s Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Feb 1, 2018

Will you watch Super Bowl LII for the game or the commercials? If you were to pose this question to 100 random people on the street, odds are there would be a significant portion only interested in the ads, especially if you are talking to Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars fans (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Super Bowl commercials are just as legendary as the game itself and we have witne read more

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