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eSports North American Sponsorship to Grow From $113 Million to Over $250 Million by 2020

Dec 12, 2017

eSports overall revenues are set to hit about $693 million this year up from $493 million in 2016.  Furthermore, eSports overall revenues are set to hit about $693 million this year up from $493 million in 2016. Furthermore, eSports revenues via sponsorship should grow to over $1.5 billion by 2020. How and why is the eSports industry growing so fast? First, let’s cover what eSports represents read more

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Understanding Ticket Utilization For Corporate Ticket Management

Nov 16, 2017

Corporate Ticket Utilization   How do you achieve superior Corporate Ticket Management?” “What is considered excellent ticket utilization?” “How does our ticket usage compare to other companies you support?” “Do you have industry guidelines for what you consider excellent ticket usage?” “How do other companies set goals for ticket usage?”     Our client service read more

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Mobile Tickets Are Taking Over. How Soon? The Answer May Surprise You…

In the sports and event ticketing world, experts have long known that e-tickets will soon disappear as an option for ticket distribution to everyday customers and businesses. Professional sports teams, including the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC of MLS, have already begun the transition from electronic to mobile tickets.  Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the future of phys read more

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Wasted Entertainment Assets are a Thing of the Past

Nov 9, 2017

Wasted Opportunity With the millions of dollars brands spend on their sponsorship deals and the true cost of entertainment, there needs to be a more holistic approach to how entertainment assets are managed and measured. Today brands averages in upwards of 40%-50% waste when it comes to their ticketing assets, and that is a generous number. Ticket Inventory Solutions Sure, there are a few companie read more

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