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Ticket Request Page

Ticket Request Page

We continue to innovate and improve the ticket management experience

Event entertainment is supposed to be beneficial to your business, not a struggle. Ticket management is not a ‘one size fits all’ model. Our clients have different goals and objectives and while some have similarities, they all have unique needs as well. That is the beauty of ticket management and Concierge Live: you can manage your tickets your way. At Concierge Live, we stand by this belief and are committed to providing you with the best solution to make your ticket management easier. Some of the benefits our clients realize include:

Corporate Ticket Management At Its Best

Benefits Breakdown

Reduce Time & Improve Productivity

For ticket admin, tickets are usually one aspect of their job. Managing tickets manually through spreadsheets consumes too much time.Concierge Live can automate many daily ticket tasks, saving ticket admin on average more than 50% of their time.

Data & Analytics

Through data collection and reporting, clients can understand the value of a client versus the cost of entertainment. Concierge Live helps clients link usage and accountability. Through the collection of data and our reporting, clients can make educated decisions and understand how tickets are used in relation to how they are expected to be used.

Ticket Requesting & Access

Whether tickets are used for business development, an employee personal use, executive benefit, ticket admin want control of their assets including determining who, how and when their tickets can be requested. For some events, features like auto-assign and lottery can automate the heavy lifting for ticket admin while allowing for a fair and equitable distribution of tickets.

Make Informed Decisions

When approving requests, ticket admin can view data captured during the request process (i.e. name, company, title, etc.) as well as attendee’s ticket stats including event counts and ticket values for assigned tickets.

Secondary Market Purchasing

Today, it’s common for brands to purchase tickets in the secondary market for their client entertainment. In Concierge Live, your employees never leave our application and tracking secondary purchases becomes a simple process. This provides clients with the ability to easily understand external demands while at the same time view an attendee’s true event entertainment cost.

Justify Your Budget

Many people misunderstand corporate entertainment, feeling it is a frivolous expense. Our ticket management software can provide you with the metrics you need to justify your sports and entertainment investments.

Achieve Compliance

Due to laws, regulations, and requirements around corporate entertainment, companies are required to show in detail how tickets are being used. Concierge Live allows you to address compliance through detailed information about how each ticket is used.

Eliminate Redundant Purchases

Seeing everything under one umbrella allows you to identify and eliminate redundant purchases. Employees use the same pool of tickets, avoiding the need to purchase their own tickets simply because they have access to company tickets that meet their needs.

Increase Awareness and Eliminate Waste

Notify users of new and upcoming available tickets. This process is automated through our request access permissions which allows companies to broaden the requesting audience as the event date gets closer.

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