3 Ways Ticket Management Platforms Differ in Today’s Market

Jan 18, 2018by matt-barudin

There are numerous reasons why it is a wise decision for brands, businesses, and venues alike to partner with a platform to improve ticket management processes. However, it is crucial to realize that just as not all tickets are created equally, not all ticket management platforms are created equally either. For your reference, here are 3 ways ticket management platforms differ in today’s market:

1. Individual Ticket Storage

Perhaps the most important yet often underestimated feature that a platform can offer is individual ticket storage. Today, Concierge Live is the only system that delivers on this method, and it is extremely difficult to replicate. Why is individual ticket storage so crucial to ticket management? In order to maintain full control over the entire ticketing process which includes adding inventory, configuration, approving or declining requests, and delivery, users must buy in to individual ticket storage. Bulking tickets, on the other hand, has long been the typical method used by most platforms and unfortunately leads to a lack of manager flexibility and inaccurate and often limiting data. At the end of the day, every business wants access to clean data in order to measure against past results and analyze to help make decisions in the future. Concierge Live provides this opportunity to every organization no matter the size, budget, and needs because tickets are stored on an individual basis rather than through bulking.

2. Experiential Marketing Feature

Ticket management is not only about actually managing tickets, but also utilizing them as much as possible to maximize opportunity and limit annual waste. Concierge Live is the first and only platform in today’s market to offer an experiential marketing feature that presents a way to mitigate waste.  How does it work in the system? Users have access to creating customized landing pages to send to any target audience they desire whether they be current clients or even prospects. This can work for any type of event, especially those garnering lesser demand for tickets. The experiential marketing feature creates a win-win situation for any business: money spent on previously unused tickets is utilized and current and potential clients end up satisfied with attending events at little to no cost. With Concierge Live, business opportunities via ticket usage are around every corner.

3. Client Services

Although we are now in an age where communicating with actual people rather than a computer is more difficult to come by, it is absolutely crucial for ticket management platforms’ client service teams to interact with users. While some platforms may see client services as less of a priority, Concierge Live firmly stands by the belief that users should always have access to experts who can answer questions and resolve scenarios of all types.  Simply put, ticket management requires a team effort no matter the quantity of tickets involved with the process. In order to experience optimal results, users need the valuable support that client services teams can offer surrounding ticket management.

While it is true that there is a selection of platforms in today’s market that claim to improve ticket management for businesses, many of these tools lack some of the most important features.  From the perspective of a brand looking to attain a higher level of ticket management, the decision process in regard to which platform to partner with looks to be a difficult one on the surface. However, what also remains true is that Concierge Live stands above the rest due to our platform’s ability to individually store tickets while offering a brand new experiential marketing feature. These differentiators combined with our commitment to providing the premier client services experience as well as many other useful features ensures that we can be trusted as the optimal ticket management solution.

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