3 Reasons Why Ticket Management Software is Crucial to Every Brand’s Success

Jan 3, 2018by matt-barudin

From the perspective of a business, it is important to identify the key areas where growth can be gained while maintaining organizational stability and structure. Ticket management undoubtedly finds a place on this list for many, but there remains a signficant portion of people who do not fully understand why a software solution is crucial to making this process a success. Here are three reasons why ticket management software is vital to creating more success for a brand:


1. Every brand requires a reliable source for all of its entertainment needs

The sports and entertainment industry can be overwhelming especially when it comes to events and tickets. From a company’s viewpoint, no matter its size, internal ticket management is a necessary requirement to sustain employee satisfaction as well as maintain and implement business opportunities.  It is important to remember, however, that ticket management is defined differently by every company due to factors such as overall ticket quantity, budget limitations, and employee and department structuring.

These differences ensure a demand for ticket management software offering a high level of flexibility and an easy-to-use interface to minimize confusion and maximize efficiency and accuracy for every user. Our team at Concierge Live is proud to share our comprehensive platform that meets and exceeds these expectations for any company.

2. Every brand needs to understand who is using tickets and for what purpose

Across every industry, brands make it a primary objective to analyze their business performance in the past and present and identify opportunities to grow their business in the future. In order to accomplish this task, brands must be aware of exactly who is using their tickets and how they are being used, whether it be employees for personal use or to entertain clients and prospects.  These details are a must when compiling ticketing data on an event-by-event basis or over a specific timespan.

Therefore, a premium report building feature is a vital component within ticket management software because data-driven knowledge allows for optimal analysis and intelligent planning for the utilization of future ticketing assets.  Concierge Live allows users to build an endless variety of reports to meet any need, answer any question, or provoke additional questions to help plan for future ticket management strategies.

3. Every brand needs to focus on improving ticket utilization

Every year, millions of dollars’ worth of company tickets to events of all types go unused for reasons that range from low ticket demand to internal miscommunication regarding availability, among numerous other variables. Wasted tickets, simply put, do not benefit anyone. Unfortunately, brands are unable to recoup any resources spent on tickets that never make it in to the hands of attendees.  Perhaps more surprising, however, is the large number of brands that have inadequate knowledge of just how many of their tickets go unused while losing out on potential revenue-generating opportunities.

At Concierge Live, our ticket management software allows brands to track the status of every single ticket from the request phase all the way to delivery. Furthermore, the introduction of our brand new experiential marketing feature offers brands yet another way to maximize utilization while limiting ticket waste.


No matter how much success a brand or company already enjoys, there is always room for growth in any industry.  Superior ticket management is something that every business should aspire to if they maintain any amount of tickets on an annual basis. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a ticket management software platform that you can trust and rely on when it comes to managing every ticket and event across your company.

Concierge Live is committed to this mission, and we would love to show you why our platform is the best on the market.

Interested in learning more about how Concierge Live can help revolutionize your company’s Ticket Management and Event Marketing for greater effectiveness and greater profit?

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