Why Us?

Our benefits & who we are

Our Benefits

Our products and services offer a variety of benefits. Such as saving time, money, and effort, increasing your return, protecting your brand, and achieving compliance...

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Who We Are

We have a unique background in ticket management. Find out about our company, our experience, our approach, and why ticket management is our passion...

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  • Ticket Management Is Our Passion

    We like the challenge that is company ticket management. We feel it's a unique problem, and we enjoy the analytical planning and the "out of the box" thinking it requires. We put a lot of focus into creating an effective and unique ticket management solution. From the philosophy, to the technology, to the people that make up our team, we believe every aspect plays an important role.

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    Scratching Our Own Itch

    We believe the best solutions come from those solving their own problems. Many years ago members of our management team were assigned the responsibility of managing tickets at one of the largest companies in the world. Initially, they faced the same problems many companies face when managing tickets manually. It was inefficient, error prone, non-compliant, and lacked information. They solved this problem by formalizing a corporate ticket management program and streamlining the process through web based software.

    Since then, they created Concierge Live and we've had the unique privilege to start from the ground up and build an entirely new system based on this experience. This is the basis behind our company. We've faced the same problems you are having, worked them, and re-worked them. Instead of going through the same process, let us share our solution with you.

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    Technology Leaders

    Our engineering team is actively involved in the open source community. We are always looking for ways to contribute and give back to the community. As a result, many of the technologies we've created and shared have become the choice of thousands of programmers around the world:

    • Authlogic is currently ranked #2 in open source projects by Github. This technology was created by our team to handle the unique authentication requirements in Concierge Live.
    • Searchlogic is currently ranked #25 in open source projects by Github. This technology was created to handle the various data mining requirements in Concierge Live and has played a big part in the success of our reporting system.

    As a result of our open source contributions, members of our team has been invited to present at various conferences and technology groups around the world, including those at MIT, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon. Check out our blog for updates to see when and where our team is presenting next.

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    Unbiased Approach

    In order to attend events where company inventory is not available, it is required to obtain tickets from external sources. This can be a time consuming and expensive process. Our solutions stream line this process and promote competition amongst vendors. This allows you to efficiently obtain tickets at the best price. In order to achieve this, it is a necessity to have an unbiased approach. This is why we don't own tickets. This would represent a conflict of interest. Our process is completely open, where you have direct access to the various ticket market places, and you decide which tickets you want. Competition and good vendor relationships allow you to get the best prices and the best locations.

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    Simplicity Is Our Focus

    Corporate software has the reputation of being complicated, bloated with features, and unintuitive. We believe simple and well thought out products are more effective. People understand them and enjoy using them. Simplicity means higher quality, more stability, and more productivity. This is a key principle behind our product design and the services we offer.

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    Innovation Is Part Of Our Culture

    Ticket management can be a tough problem to solve. There are many opportunities to over complicate problems. In order to provide solutions that are simple and effective, it requires some innovation. That's why innovation is a very important part of our culture. Because of this, research and development is incorporated into our work schedule. We believe this creates an environment that attracts creative and talented individuals. As a result, we've created some ground breaking technologies, both open source and proprietary, allowing us to achieve efficiencies thought to be impossible. We have a number of ideas in the queue and are excited to release them and pass the benefits to you.