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Our benefits & who we are

Our Benefits

Our products and services offer a variety of benefits. Such as saving time, money, and effort, increasing your return, protecting your brand, and achieving compliance...

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Who We Are

We have a unique background in ticket management. Find out about our company, our experience, our approach, and why ticket management is our passion...

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  • The Problem

    Managing company tickets can be a time consuming and difficult task. Many times it's assigned to individuals with other job responsibilities. Tickets are generally stored in desk drawers and managed manually via spreadsheets and emails. This type of ticket management is inefficient, prone to errors, makes compliance challenging, and has little accountability. Because of this, companies invest a lot more than the face value of the tickets.

    We understand because we've experienced this first hand. Many years ago members of our management team managed tickets for one of the largest companies in the world. We addressed these problems by creating a formalized process and streamlining it through our ticket management software. Doing this offered the following benefits...

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    Save Time, Money, And Effort

    Manually managing tickets consumes a lot of time. By streamlining the process through our ticket management software you are able to automate many aspects of the process. This reduced errors and gives time back to your employees, increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality of work.

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    Maximize Your Ticket's Return

    Managing tickets more efficiently allows you to manage them more effectively. By using our ticket management software your employees have time to focus on the more important aspects of ticket management. Such as ensuring tickets get used by individuals with the greatest opportunity for growth and success, and making sure tickets don't go wasted.

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    Reduce Wasted Tickets

    Our ticket management software automatically notifies you of any "troubled" tickets and presents you with options to avoid them being wasted. Such as allowing employees to purchase them for personal use, using them for reward & recognition programs, putting them on consignment, or even donating them to charity.

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    Protect Your Brand

    With today's economic status, there is a lot of scrutiny around corporate entertainment. Many people misunderstand it and feel its a frivolous expense, which can project a negative image on your company. Our ticket management software provides you with the information you need to justify your entertainment investments. Showing an investment's positive return is an important factor in protecting your brand.

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    Achieve Compliance

    There are many laws, regulations, and requirements around corporate entertainment such as those outlined in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. As a result, companies are required to show, in detail, how their tickets are being used. Our products & services allow you to achieve compliance by providing you with detailed information about how each ticket is being used.

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    Justify Your Budget

    Real data, real numbers, and real reports make justifying your entertainment budget much easier. Our reporting system allows you to build a business case to support your entertainment budget. Because it is interactive, you can scope data and create reports on the fly, so you can get the specific information you need to support your budget.

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    Increase Awareness And Accountability

    Using software to streamline ticket management and capture data increases awareness and accountability. Information is available that once wasn't, and it allows companies to better understand how their tickets are being used and distributed. The simple act of consolidating your inventory and making it accessible through software increases demand, allowing employees to request tickets they otherwise didn't know were available.

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    Eliminate Redundant Purchasing

    Part of our services is helping you consolidate your ticket inventory. Seeing everything under one umbrella allows you to identify and eliminate redundant purchases. Employees use the same pool of tickets, avoiding the need to purchase their own tickets simply because they have access to company tickets that meet their needs.

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    Merge Purchases, Leverage Volume

    With our ticket management software we can identify purchasing trends, allowing you to merge purchases. This increases the volume of your purchases, giving you more leverage to negotiate better prices and strengthen the relationship with your vendors.