• Ticket Management Simplified

    Our ticket management software helps companies better manage their tickets which offers many benefits. It centralizes, automates, and streamlines your ticket management program, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual processes. Because it's web based, you can allow your employees to request tickets right from their computer, reducing phone calls and emails. It captures detailed information about your tickets and who's using them. It's comprehensive analytics system enables you to understand exactly how your tickets are being used and achieve compliance with the various entertainment laws and requirements.

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    Web-Based. No Software Hassles.

    Our ticket management software is web based and fully managed, meaning there is no installation, no maintenance, and no headache. Implementation within your organization is simple, because the software can be accessed from any computer with internet access. We set up your account and you are ready to go. You'll never have to upgrade or perform any maintenance, as improvements and enhancements are automatically applied, and your data is automatically encrypted and backed up. It's fully managed software without the headache.

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    Organize, Track, and Store Tickets

    With our software you can organize your tickets. You can manage, track, and store every ticket your company owns, allowing you to easily determine which tickets are available and which tickets are not. Unlike spreadsheets and other methods, it's specifically designed to manage company tickets.

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    Electronically Field Ticket Requests

    Because our software is web based, you can allow employees to request tickets right from their computer. Employees can log into the system, view company inventory, and request tickets. Depending on your settings, they can see for their self which tickets are available and place an order for them right through the software. This eliminates the need for back and forth emails and phone calls determining which tickets they want to request.

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    Order Statuses

    Our software updates employees on their order status. It automatically emails them when orders are placed, changed, or shipped. It keeps them in the loop, and eliminates the need to call or email asking about the status of their order. And because our software is web based, they can login and see the real time status of their order. This drastically reduces how often you answer the question: "where are my tickets?"

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    Graphical & Interactive Analytics

    Our analytics system is real time and gives you rich insights into how your company is using its ticket. It allows you to view data around your tickets in a whole new way. Its interactive feature allows you to easily obtain the information you need. If that information peaks your interest, save it, and it'll be automatically emailed to you on a schedule. Built to be fun, simple, and intuitive our analytics system focuses on being effective, not overloading you with tables and data.

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    Your Look, Your Feel, Your Brand

    With our software you can change the colors, add your logo, and determine how your employees access the software. It's your software, with your look, your feel, and your brand.

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    Mobile support and native iPhone app

    Our mobile application gives your users the convenience of placing and managing their ticket requests on the go. You can search for tickets, add them to your cart, select attendees and then checkout just like on the desktop. It also works on tablets.

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    Robust API. 3rd Party Integration.

    Our API allows you to integrate and communicate with 3rd party applications. It's based on the same modern standard in use by today's technology leaders (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc.). Because of this, you can be confident in its abilities to integrate with other applications within your organization.

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    Attendee Tracking

    Our system streamlines the ticket request process. Part of this process is capturing which individuals will be attending the event. It tells you who is using your tickets, why they are using them, and how often they are using them. Each ticket is tied to an individual, ensuring that know exactly how your tickets are being used.

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    Flexible Approval System

    Our approval system can be fully configured to meet the needs of your company. Have each order approved by their manager. Have orders that exceed a certain amount approved by an executive. Our approval system is configurable to the business rules you specify, allowing you to determine which orders should be approved and who should approve them.

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    Inter-Company Billing & Credit Card Support

    Policies vary on how companies charge for tickets internally. Some companies require employees to pay by cost center or with their internal billing system. Some require credit cards. Some don't charge at all. Our system supports a variety of billing methods, giving you flexibility around how you charge for tickets.

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    Many times users need other users to log into their account and place orders, check order statuses, perform administration tasks, etc. Sometimes individuals never log into the system because their administrative assistant handles this task. Instead of requiring users to pass around their username and password, we built in support for proxies. This allows users to log into their own account and switch into other approved accounts.

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    Full E-ticket Support

    E-tickets are convenient. They are a simple and cost effective way to manage company tickets because they can emailed. This saves on resources needed to fulfill orders and it saves on shipping costs. Our system fully embraces e-tickets and has a number of features allowing you to easily manage and securely store your tickets. From adding them into the system, to automatically emailing them to the end user, it makes managing e-tickets simple and easy.