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Concierge Live cut my time spent on ticket management by 90%! Events are easily pulled into our database and users “shop” for the events like any other online program. The approval process is quick and easy and our sales team is very happy with the speed of processing. Managers get automated monthly reports without me having to update them. I wish this was around years ago!

Amy F.

Executive Assistant, PVS Chemicals, Inc.

The True Leader

Concierge Live has developed the most comprehensive platform in the industry.  We are undoubtedly the leader when it comes to corporate ticket management for sports and entertainment assets.

Blazing The Trail For Others

Having created some of the first inventory management solutions for corporate America as well as one of the first platforms in the space, Concierge Live is still on the cutting edge of innovations finding new ways to maximize and optimize ticket management.

Concierge Live was built with the customer in mind.  One platform, no data leakage.

There is a reason we win head to head.

We have a system that is head and shoulders above the rest.  If functionality and the ability to optimize your ticket inventory are your priority, then Concierge Live is the only solution.  If you mediocrity and something that gets by, then go with another company.

Don't Wait We Have The Most Comprehensive Platform Available

We are light years ahead of our competition regardless of what they might think.  Put us side by side and we will win every time. We are not humble because we get the job done and can do what others can not. Don't wait one more day schedule a demo.

You made the right choice. Once you see what we have to offer and the service we provide it will be an easy decision.