Native Saleforce Integration

We are on the Salesforce AppExchange.  Our integration is as good as it gets.  All of your data is safe and sound.

Sync and Track Invitations & Attendance

Your CRM is the life blood of any sales organization.  You can now manage all of your events from one screen.


Having a native Salesforce integration is just another piece of the puzzle.  With data at your finger tips, Concierge Live can help optimize your TRUE ROI.

Salesforce Features

Users can search by contact name or account name (company).

Users can select more than one contact for a ticket request.

Once a contact(s) is selected, the user completes the checkout process.

Any contacts added are outlined at the top of the Shop page as the user searches.

Users can add their guests and allocate specific tickets to these attendees.

During checkout, the selected Salesforce contacts already appear in the drop down.

Once a contact is assigned to tickets, companies can require additional information about the contact.

Based on ticket assignments, Salesforce users can see a contact’s ticket request history within Salesforce.

See what your current system lacks...

Concierge Live prioritizes simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Does your current platform do the same?