Seamless From The Start.

               Only Concierge Live has a completely seamless process, and it all begins with the inventory management solution.

Corporate Ticket Management. Simplified.

Our ticket management software helps companies better manage their tickets while also offering many benefits. It centralizes, automates and streamlines your ticket management program while eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual processes. Our software is web-based, allowing your employees to request tickets from their computer, mobile phone or tablet. It captures detailed information about your tickets in regards to who is using them and for what purpose. Our comprehensive analytics system enables you to understand exactly how your tickets are being used and successfully achieve compliance with the various entertainment standards.


Home Page

Concierge Live provides a branded home page which allows admin to communicate announcements and users to stay up to speed on requests and their statuses.

Users can also enable notifications to receive alert emails reducing their need to login regularly to be aware of ticket opportunities.

Daily Digest

Automate ticket availability with our daily digest to help limit waste and advise your users of new opportunities.

  • Outlines new events/tickets a user has access to and upcoming events (within the next 7 days).
  • Pushes information to users so they do not have to log in to the system to see ticket availability.
  • Eliminates the need to create and manage distribution lists.

Shop Page

The shop page allows for users to identify the events they would like to request.  All inventory, request statuses, approvals, deliveries, etc. are real time. From a requesting standpoint, users have access to an event calendar which we call the shop page. All tickets are not created equally, so based on how admin set up access, each user only sees the tickets they can request. On the shop page, users can search for events using a variety of filters including event name, performer name, venue, etc.

Ticket Request Page

Once a user selects an event, they are taken to the tickets page. From here, users can see ticket details including the ticket admin for the tickets, the accepted attendee types, usage categories (i.e. business and personal), ticket values and costs and a seating chart. When requesting tickets, users have the ability to request multiple tickets for the same event or across multiple events.

Attendee Registration

Concierge Live captures attendee information at the “attendee” level rather than the “request” level. We are the only company that stores individual tickets in our database allowing our clients to capture multiple attendee types on the same request. For example, when making a request, a user can assign tickets to both a “client” attendee and a “prospect” attendee within the same request.

Attendee Data

From a requesting standpoint, once custom fields can be applied to an attendee type (i.e. client, prospect, etc.). Once applied to attendee types (i.e. client, prospect), users can be required to complete the fields to submit a request. It is important to highlight custom fields (i.e. company, title, etc.) do not have to be consistent across attendee types.

The flexibility to capture attendee information at the ticket level gives admin the ability to create an unlimited number of attendee types and custom fields. This can be done on the fly by simply adding or configuring custom fields based on your needs.

Attendee Card

When an admin would like additional information on an attendee, they can view his or her attendee card. The attendee card outlines an attendee’s profile (i.e. the attendee type – all information captured during the request process). As part of the attendee card, admin can see an attendee’s ticket count, event count and the value of assigned tickets for a rolling 12 month period as well as their total ticket usage. Admin can see the same usage information for an attendee’s company.

Briefing Book

Pre-event or onsite, admin can view, edit and print attendee cards. This information can be exported into a briefing book which is a collection of attendee cards containing fields for each attendee that serve as a great executive or host tool by providing insight into the projected attendees for an event.

In addition to briefing books, from the attendees page, admin have a number of tool options including sending a mass message to attendees, creating name badges and exporting attendee data.

Robust Reporting

Once data is collected, you need to be able to report on it. We have a unique approach to reporting. We found static “out of the box” reports limit what clients can do.

Instead, we created a proprietary reporting system to allow clients to create and save reports based on the data they capture. This gives clients thousands of possibilities without thousands of choices. We see it as the best of both worlds and accomplish it through our report builder.

This is a small sample of what we can provide. To get a more detailed understanding of what sets us apart, reach out to us for a comprehensive presentation based on your needs and goals.