Maximizing Your Entertainment Assets

Seamless engagement to create more visibility while activating your target audiences:

Employees. Customers. Vendors. Prospects.

Increase Visibility

Maximizing brand awareness and creating opportunities to engage your audience.

Create Unique Engagements

Sponsors need to be innovative to deliver their message.  Utilizing assets you already have to maximize your exposure is the answer.

Activate Your Target Audience

The amount of tickets is not relevant as you can activate a much larger audience and capture demand with just a small number of tickets.

Capture Data

Understanding your customer, prospect and even your employees is critical in driving ROI.  At Concierge Live, we capture the data that allows you to go deeper into those relationships.

   Control Access Based on Business Goals

Maximize ticketing assets by expanding your target audiences

Through user groups and ticket configuration settings, Concierge Live allows clients to control who and when invited users can view and request tickets. Companies can allow all users access immediately or apply a ‘first right of refusal’ process to allow key targets to have priority. When a user’s request access is enabled, the user will be notified via email.  This allows for companies to drive their TRUE ROI by maximizing ticket usage, allowing external participants to request tickets.

Data Collection Process

Concierge Live captures attendee information at the “attendee” level rather than the “request” level. We are the only company that stores individual tickets in our database, allowing our clients to capture multiple attendee types on the same request. When making a request, a user can assign tickets to both a “client” attendee and a “prospect” attendee within the same request.

Data Integrity

Through Concierge Live, you can capture the “estimated revenue opportunity” of $1 million for one attendee and $250,000 for another. At the same time, by capturing information at the attendee level, users assign attendee types to each attendee rather than classifying the whole request. This allows users to have multiple attendee types (i.e. client, prospect, etc.) on the same request.

Simplicity… anyone can administer this process.

We have made the process simple for any brand to use our platform without worrying about manpower. 

Customer Journey is simple and easy to navigate.

We built this with your employees and customers in mind.

Eliminate waste while driving ROI to new heights. See what a complete solution can provide...

Concierge Live has the only complete ticket management solution helping the largest brands, leagues and teams realize TRUE ROI.