Customer Support

Customer support is more than picking up the phone or responding to an email.  It is built on hard work and a solid foundation.
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Many years ago members of our management team were assigned the responsibility of managing tickets at one of the largest companies in the world. Initially, they faced the same problems many companies face when managing tickets manually. It was inefficient, error prone, non-compliant and lacked information. They solved this problem by formalizing a unique corporate ticket management program and streamlining the process through web based software.

Solution Driven

Since then, they created Concierge Live, and we’ve had the unique privilege to start from the ground up and build an entirely new system based on this experience. This is the basis behind our company. We’ve faced the same problems you are having, worked them and re-worked them. Instead of going through the same process, let us understand your challenges, and we will share our solutions with you.

Real People

As with any business, our greatest asset is our staff. Our expertise includes extensive experience in ticketing, hospitality, e-commerce, technology and marketing. Our success is based on our customer’s success. As a result, we believe customer support is the most important part of what we do. We work hard to listen to and understand our customer’s needs and challenges, and we work even harder to help them be successful. All of our client services team members are located in the US and subject matter experts on Concierge Live.

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