Secondary Purchasing

Our platform allows you to seamlessly purchase needed inventory without leaving Concierge Live….

Can Your Platform Do That Now?

Consolidate Your Data

Reduce the learning curve while ensuring data integrity and reporting of all secondary purchases.  Consolidate all your companies ticket purchase by using our seamless integration to the secondary market.  Having ticket purchases on one platform to track and monitor who went, how much they spent, what the customer is worth to the company.

Access and User Experience

We are the only company where the entire user experience is contained within Concierge Live (there is no punch out to a 3rd party site). From finding the tickets to placing a request and getting your email receipts/updates, it’s the same process as placing a request for company tickets which minimizes the learning curve and reduces re-work.

Reporting and Data

Managing secondary requests through Concierge Live allows you to evaluate usage for both secondary and company requests. If there is constant secondary ticket demand for a team or property, you can review your inventory usage (if applicable) to ensure prioritization models align with the departments/users who provide the greatest opportunity for growth, company purchase levels and/or sponsorship agreements to possibly increase company inventory levels. At the same time, by using a single tool to manage all ticket requests, you accurately capture an attendee’s total event entertainment which addresses measurement and compliance concerns.

Concierge Live was built with the customer in mind.  One platform, no data leakage.

Reduce The Learning Curve

We contain the entire secondary process within Concierge Live. Users never leave Concierge Live (i.e. they do not have to login to StubHub, or any site). The secondary request process is the same as it is for company tickets (i.e. selection of attendee types (i.e. Client, Prospect) and completion of data collection (i.e. Name, Company, Title, etc.)). which reduces the learning curve but also ensures data integrity and reporting for secondary purchases

See what your current system lacks

Sure, you have a system in place maybe even another inventory management tool.  The reality is if you have not taken a good look at Concierge Live, then you have no idea what your current system lack.  Time to make a change.

Don't Wait We Have The Most Comprehensive Platform Available

We are light years ahead of our competition regardless of what they might think.  Put us side by side and we will win every time. We are not humble because we get the job done and can do what others can not. Don't wait one more day schedule a demo.

You made the right choice. Once you see what we have to offer and the service we provide it will be an easy decision.