How It Works

Concierge Live offers a single ticket and ticket management solution that eliminates waste and provides a TRUE ROI unlike any product on the market

Simplifying Your Entertainment Assets

The corporate trend is a shift to a centralized ticket model with the ability to correlate distribution to sales/revenue, while at the same time have an all in one system that is customizable to the needs of the individual business. Most of our clients seek a ticket management tool for a purpose. We have clients who use Concierge Live as a:

  • Requisition tool
  • Others want to understand the value of the attendee vs. the value of the entertainment
  • Some need to address compliance concerns

Solutions To Every Problem

Concierge Live has clients with centralized management and consistent policies while others use a decentralized model where decisions are made locally. That’s the value of Concierge Live; manage your tickets your way. We don’t put clients in a box. Each company defines success and how they want to use our software. See some of the use cases for how our client’s leverage Concierge Live:

Secondary Purchasing

Companies without significant “company” inventory; however, they want a formalized process for secondary requests. Clients can capture and report on attendee data to understand who, where and how much they spend on external ticket requests.

“Traditional” Ticket Management

Admin control when, how and who can request their tickets. Reporting is used to determine ticket usage and company value.

Hospitality Events

Admin create ticketed and non-ticketed (i.e. golf outings, museum receptions, charitable tables, etc.) inventory. In addition to traditional ticket management needs, these clients rely heavily on Concierge Live’s onsite and attendee management functions.

Employee Personal Use

Entertainment assets can be available to employees to purchase for personal use. When the employee makes a request, it can be “auto-assigned” and when available, electronic tickets can be automatically sent to the requestor.

Experiential Marketing

Our clients optimize their ticket inventory by utilizing a unique tool.  While most brands have 30-40%  waste when it comes to ticket assets, using Concierge Live they can now use those assets to drive additional ROI. Whether opening up inventory to employee engagement program or externally to customers a s a show of good will while they are reducing their unused inventory significantly and driving more ROI, TRUE ROI.

See what your current system lacks

Sure, you have a system in place, maybe even another Inventory Management Tool.  The reality is if you have not taken a good look at Concierge Live, then you have no idea what your current system lack.

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