Return on Investment (ROI) is a framework that bridges marketing strategy with measurements and financial outcomes. Through Concierge Live, clients can analyze data to understand how strategies and tactics can be improved to increase profitability/revenue.

We have been working with Concierge Live for over 5 years and could not be happier. Their customer service and willingness to help solve any problem you encounter should be an industry standard. Over the years the product has continued to evolve and offers many features that support not only management of ticket assets but reporting as well. In my role being able to analyze our usage for ROI purposes is key and Concierge Live allows me to do that easily. I can customize standard reports they offer or build my own which is key as we have found that our organization tends to look at different data fields than others who manage sponsorships. When we were researching what company to partner with for our ticket management needs Concierge Live beat out all the others specifically because of the reporting capabilities it offered.

Elizabeth Stoughton

Senior Manager, Analytics and Reporting for Events and Sponsorships, Optum


Many of our clients want to understand the value of the client versus the cost of entertainment. Concierge Live helps clients link usage and accountability. Through the collection of data and our customizable reporting, clients can make educated decisions and understand how tickets are used in relation to how they are expected to be used.

Cost Avoidance

Through Concierge Live’s proprietary access rules, clients can align ticket access with business and marketing objectives. This process includes premium events as well as lesser demand events. Clients have several options to reduce and mitigate costs including employee personal use, employee R&R, experiential marketing programs and ticket re-sale.

Target New Audiences and Generate Sales

Clients can maximize ticketing assets by creating unique ways to activate a target audience. Clients can engage both internal and external audiences to help drive employee engagement, customer loyalty and even lead generation.

Concierge Live was built with the customer in mind.  One platform, no data leakage.

Whether you need to optimize your ticket usage or simply need to have a better handle on your secondary purchases, Concierge Live has a solution.

Secondary Market Purchases

Today, it is not uncommon for brands to purchase tickets in the secondary market for their client entertainment. In most ticket systems, the user punches out to a 3rd party site to purchase secondary tickets. In Concierge Live, your employees never leave our system and tracking secondary purchases becomes a simple process. This provides clients with the ability to easily understand external demands while at the same time view an attendee’s true event entertainment cost.

Productivity and Efficiency

Concierge Live reduces time requirements for everyone involved in the ticketing process. For users, information is available real-time while automated notifications keep users informed of current ticket request statuses as well as new and upcoming events. For admin, Concierge Live automates many of their daily tasks which on average save more than 50% of their time vs. manually managing their tickets. For finance and compliance teams, Concierge Live reporting streamlines the budget process and allows compliance teams to rest easy.

Stop Letting Your Ticketing Assets Die

With our proprietary process, we will help you get the most out of the assets you already have.